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Our journey is a cultural one. It’s more than a love of food. It’s a love of craft. We do our research. We seek out true artisans. The makers, the growers, the creators. We talk to them. We get to know their story. And we celebrate their products by bringing them to you. It’s actually quite simple. If you eat well, you live well.

Our Story, Our Journey

After 20 years of building businesses, it’s time to have some fun. The Italian creative juices are flowing again. I love this process — product development for me, is foremost.

Dad opened his first pizzeria in 1969 and called it Nicolini and between us we have 3 generations of loyal customers — this is what I am most proud of.

My new endeavour is called Italian Artisans and it’s a celebration of Dad’s craft and excellence — it would have been nice to share this with him — I am proud to continue and celebrate his legacy.

There is no need to reinvent the pizza wheel — I just want to do things a little better — I want to celebrate the forgotten Italian Artisans. It’s a reboot, a PIZZA 2.0 if you like. I’m playing with older, alternative grains and levitation techniques.

The ingredients utilised reflect how I like to live — organic where possible, always seasonal and of the highest quality. Gone are the days of using highly processed white flours. Our clients deserve better and we will deliver.

Specialty Goods

A second Italian Artisan’s location has been secured in Albert Park. Plans are underway for a retail concept that combines the two things that are closest to my heart. STAY TUNED!

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135 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park VIC 3206
9690 7960

Italian Artisans / Pizza e Vino
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Tuesday–Sunday from 5:30pm—9pm

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